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This demo for MobiCycle Consulting is to be used for example purposes only.

Whether you are you looking for an application built for Scope 3, want the insights to be visible on your own systems, or prefer to access all data through your supplier's dashboard, we offer three ways to get started:

  • 1

    Rely on our dashboards to discover and monitor Scope 3 emissions for your electronic and electrical inventory.

  • 2

    You or your supplier can call our API.

  • 3

    We can feed our data into your ERP or SaaS systems or merge our data into your (waste) supplier's systems.

How it works

Step One

Identify your upstream and downstream electronics suppliers (based on available data).

Step Two

Map your processes around electronics management (including your suppliers).

Step Three

Retrieve data from your team, your suppliers and external resources.

Step Four

Combine the process maps and data into a preliminary report.

Step Five

Use the preliminary report to calculate Scope 3 emissions.

Step Six

Create a Scope 3 emissions report (the preliminary report with emissions calculations).

Step Seven

Integrate the Scope 3 emissions report with your other Scope 3 reporting, financial reporting, disclosures, etc.

Step Eight

Bonus: We repeat step 5 for biodiversity.

Step Nine

Bonus: We repeat step 5 for pollution.