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Tech to save the planet. Scope 3 emissions for electronics.

ESG -> Environment -> Scope 3 -> eWaste Reporting


  • build consistent ESG data
  • keep current with updates to ESG standards and frameworks
  • prevent greenwashing


This demo is to be used for example purposes only.

Our procurement practices create too much pollution. Our planet can not absorb so much waste. We would need three planets to process the amount of waste we generate. Unabsorbed pollution overwhelms our air, freshwater reservoirs, and land.

Pollution in the form of air borne emissions - called greenhouse gases - results in global warming. Greenhouse gases from the global north are responsible for the ongoing societal collapse we are seeing in the global south.

In the past two years, there have been 200 conflicts globally due to water shortages. By 2030, water scarcity in Africa will result in 250 million refugees. The water supply of India's fastest growing city, Delhi, is on the brink of collapse. 30 million people live in Delhi.

You can leverage your bargaining power to motivate your supply chains to revamp their processes. Ask them to collect and share their data. Contact MobiCycle for more ideas. Together, we can create a society where electronics and electricals generate only as much toxic waste as our planet can reasonably tolerate.


  1. We identify your upstream and downstream electronics suppliers (based on available data).
  2. We map your processes around electronics management (including your suppliers).
  3. We retrieve data from your team, your suppliers and external resources.
  4. We combine the process maps and data into a preliminary report.
  5. We use the preliminary report to calculate Scope 3 emissions.
  6. We create a Scope 3 emissions report (the preliminary report with emissions calculations).
  7. We integrate the Scope 3 emissions report with your other Scope 3 reporting, financial reporting, disclosures, etc.
  8. Bonus: We repeat step 5 for biodiversity.
  9. Bonus: We repeat step 5 for pollution.

Goals for your consulting engagement

  • Build consistent ESG data
  • Keep current with updates to ESG standards and frameworks
  • Prevent greenwashing

Deliverables from your consulting engagement

  • A Scope 3 report on your electronics and electricals
  • A report showing the relationship between Scope 3 reporting and financial reporting
  • A report recommending ways to improve your eWaste Scope 3 reporting

Activities in support of achieving your outcomes

  • Map your business processes around electronics and eWaste
  • Collect the data relevant to those processes
  • Identify the waste suppliers in your eWaste value chain

Why eWaste?

eWaste is the world's fastest growing waste stream.

The four dashboards provide insights into how you can manage your electronic and electrical waste. Consulting helps you understand where you are in your ESG journey.

Tech covers hardware and software solutions. Games teach climate change, your best practices, eWaste repair and more.

Marketing assists you with how you communicate your values to the public and celebrate your successes around your handling of eWaste (also see MobiCycle News).